Here are a few places where you can watch/read things I’ve done.

Maths communication – The Big Internet Math-Off

Here is a video I made about my favourite probability puzzle, the Aeroplane Seating Puzzle. I made it for my first round entry in the competition the Big Internet Math-Off, a maths communication competition looking to find the ‘world’s most interesting mathematician’.

I reached the semi-finals of the competition – you can see my entries for the other rounds below:
Benford Needs YOU!
The Phantom Parabola

I also wrote up the Phantom Parabola article for the Chalkdust Magazine:

Maths comedy – An Evening of Unnecessary Detail:

Here is a video of me performing at comedy/nerd night An Evening of Unnecessary Detail, at the Backyard Comedy Club, London, April 2019.

Maths poetry – e to thee x:

Here is a video of me performing my maths poem ‘e to thee x’ (for the very first time…) at the Annual Maths Jam Gathering in 2017.

And here it is written down in the Chalkdust Magazine: